N. Non-Latin

Johannes Bergerhausen, Thomas Huot-Marchand 10.04.2020

Alphabetica, West Den Haag, 23 Nov. 2019

To start, let’s stop using the term “non-Latin”, and instead use, for example, “world’s writing systems”. 

There are at least 290 different writing systems, and only 150 are currently encoded. It is very important to study, design, and make these scriptures accessible: this is the goal of The Missing Scripts project.

ALPHABETICA 2019 is a one-day symposium about letters, scripts and languages. It took place on Sat. 23 November at West Den Haag, in the former US amabssy, a beautiful building by Marcel Breuer. It was organized in correlation with the exhibitions Missing Scripts (Alphabetum IV) and Laws of Form (Alphabetum III), thanks to the amazing energy of Akiem Helmig (Underware) and his colleagues at West. Presented in collaboration with the Institut Designlabor Gutenberg (Hochshule Mainz), Atelier National de Recherche Typographique (Nancy), SEI Departement of Linguistics (University of Berkekey, USA) and Type and Media (KABK Den Haag).